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Naomi Bottomley

Naomi Bottomley


Why March Is A Great Time To Sell Your Home

At this point in time, there is a huge level of demand for property and this means that people looking to sell their home will find that there isn’t a bad time to sell their home. However, the traditional time of year when the property market would start to get interesting was spring and there are many reasons why March is a great time to sell your home.

The weather is getting better

It is always difficult to talk about the weather getting better in Britain with any great confidence but historically, the weather in March is better than it is in January or February. This means that more people will be likely to leave their home and undertake a viewing at their property. If the wind is howling and the rain is bouncing off the streets, you can see why people might decide against undertaking a viewing and stay on their warm and cosy sofa. Usually by March the weather has settled down, encouraging potential buyers to leave home and go out on viewings.

There is more daylight

Another very strong reason why March is an ideal time to sell your home comes with the added daylight hours. This should ensure that it is easier to arrange a suitable viewing time. People want to see the outside of a home and if you have a good garden area, you should be looking to show this off. This means both the buyer and seller benefit from the extra daylight hours that March brings.

Spring makes people more optimistic

There is a psychological boost that comes in spring and this can convince buyers to make a move or bid on a property. Any property owner looking to take advantage of this upturn in mood and enthusiasm needs to have their property spruced up and on the market in March, so they can meet the demands of these buyers.

Spring ensures gardens are blooming

Whether you consider the benefits of first impressions or you want to persuade a potential buyer thanks to “kerb appeal”, March sees your garden start to bloom. Fresh flowers and a touch of colour make your property seem more welcoming and attractive than how your garden looks in January or February, making March a great month to sell your property.

The new financial year

It may be that people’s ability to buy a home is tied in with the start of the new financial year. This means some parties will be looking to buy in April, so there is a need for property owners to have their home on the market in March.

While spring was always the traditional time of year when the property market became interesting, the continual demand for property these days has transformed the market. However, it would be fair to say that there are many benefits in placing your property on the market in March. If you are determined to make the selling process as simple as possible, March is a fantastic time of year to place your property on to the market.



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