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Phil Kendall

Phil Kendall


Gardening tips to ensure your Springtime sale

With springtime being the traditional time of year for property deals, it makes sense to make sure your property is at it’s most attractive. There is a lot to be said for first impressions and this means you want to make sure your garden looks as appealing as possible. Here are some gardening tips to ensure your springtime sale goes smoothly.

Tidy up and declutter

Your first tip should always focus on making sure your garden is clean and tidy. If you are selling your home, you should know the benefits of decluttering rooms, and the exact same can be said for your garden. Tidy up, remove all toys and gardening equipment and make sure you have mown the lawn and made sure that your bushes are in good order. This is the starting point in ensuring your garden is in fantastic condition but if you don’t take this step, you may find that potential buyers don’t take their interest any further.

Decluttering and tidying up will also help to create more space in your garden, which is just as important outside your home as it is inside. Make sure that you don’t have any overgrowing plants, trees or bushes as this will impact on the amount of space a potential buyer thinks they have at the property.

Stay fresh

When it comes to making the best impression with your garden, there is a great deal to be said for being fresh and seasonal. Opting for plants and flowers that bloom in spring creates a sense of colour, energy and vitality that will grab the focus and attention of any potential buyer.

Examples of flowers that bloom in spring include crocuses, daffodils, tulips, bluebells and hyacinths. Adding these to your garden will create a fantastic impression and will make sure that your garden is colourful and vibrant.  Pots are a relatively cheap and convenient way to transform any doorstep, patio or driveway to make them more inviting and the best part is you can take them with you when you move!

Take advantage of spring weather

Spring is traditionally the busiest time of year in the property industry and it is easy to see why. Lighter nights provide more opportunity to arrange evening viewings, so you should find time to welcome viewers to your home. There is also the fact that potential buyers will be more likely to come out of their home in the spring as opposed to winter. While you can't always guarantee better weather in spring rather than winter, it is fair to say that this time of year is more conducive to getting out of your own home.

Of course, the greater opportunity and likelihood of getting out of your home in spring is important for homeowners too. With better weather, you can carry out repair work on the outside of your property and brighten your garden.

Quick tips to consider include:

 - Make sure all paths and driveways are clean and clear

 - Spruce up your front door with a good clean or a fresh coat of paint

 - Remove all weeds

 - Mow the lawn

 - Carry out repair work on garden furniture, fences, brickwork and other areas of your garden including freshening up paintwork in neutral colours

 - Add some hanging baskets or pots of flowers to give instant colour

 - Window boxes also add interest

 - Add lighting to your garden area

If you follow these simple easy steps, you should find that your garden is more attractive to potential buyers, which should increase your chances of making a sale.

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