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Marie Buckley

Marie Buckley


Why Swindon Is A Great Place To Invest In Property

Swindon, located in Wiltshire is a town with over 185,000 people in it and it is a town that is commonly described by where it lies in relation to. Swindon is not only the halfway point between London and Cardiff, with both areas lying 78 miles from Swindon, the town also lies in the middle between Bristol and Reading, both being located 35 miles away. This means that while Swindon has plenty to offer in its own right, it is also a great place for people who may do a lot of work or travelling in one or some of these areas.

The transport links are strong from Swindon

The train from Swindon Station to London Paddington, one of the key transport hubs in London, takes just over an hour. With a strong supply of trains, particularly at peak times, Swindon has been recognised as a good commuter area for people who work in the capital. There are more than 100 trains heading from Swindon to London Paddington on an average weekday, so there is no concern about getting to the capital.

Given that the transport options are simple and straightforward, the average property values in the areas are worth inspecting. In London, the average value of property, as of March 2017, comes in at £659,553 while the average property value in Swindon, as of March 2017, stands at £238,263. With this huge difference in valuations and a similar difference in price paid for property, it is no surprise that people are opting to move to Swindon. Even allowing for transport costs, people and families can save money while enjoying a bigger or better standard of property while saving money on a monthly basis. There are many reasons why people should invest in Swindon but the comparison between the town and London goes a long way to explaining why people are snapping up Swindon properties.

Swindon has a range of public parks

Another positive factor about life in and around Swindon is the number of public parks in the area. Many people appreciate the benefits provided by local parks and there is no shortage of options to enjoy and explore in Swindon. Examples of great Swindon parks include Coate Water, Pembroke Gardens, Town Gardens, Queens Park, Barbury Castle, Stanton Park, The Lawns and Lydiard Country Park. There is also a country park being developed in the west of the town.

Anyone looking to invest in an area should consider the expected rental yield and this is attractive in Swindon. In the SN1 postcode area, one bedroom properties carry an expected rental yield of 6.92% while two bedroom properties carry an expected rental yield of 6.25%. A three bedroom property carries an expected rental yield of 5.15% and a four bedroom property carries an expected rental yield of 4.8%. An investor looking to buy a five bedroom property in Swindon can expect a 4.95% rental yield.

Don’t take our word for it, go see for yourself all the great reasons why Swindon is a positive place to invest in property.

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